I heart Crayola

Have I ever told you that I love crayons? Ok, well, technically, I'm a crayon snob because really? I only love Crayolas (the original Binney & Smith, thankyouverymuch). Down to the smell (A Yale University study found that the smell of Crayola crayons is one of the most recognizable scents for adults, ranking at number 18, trailing coffee and peanut butter that were number one and two respectively, but beating out cheese and bleach which placed at 19 and 20." Thank you, Wikipedia), there is nothing I don't love about a Crayola crayon.

So since this was all over Twitter the other day, and since I'm a sucker for Crayola crayons and all, I had to share:

The number of Crayola colors doubles every 28 years.

Bonus: in the original Weathersealed post, the author talks about feeling like a dinosaur. Which made for a nice segue from yesterday, don't you think?

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