Trader Joe's does good

OK, if you guys are regular readers, than you know I have a special place in my heart for Trader Joe's. The food is awesome, the employees are the BOMB, and the general atmosphere of the store rocks.

So the other night, I found myself in need of shopping bags--preferably with handles (we were packing up some books to donate to the library, and boxes are starting to be rationed here). I figured I would just go to Trader Joe's, pick some stuff up, and ask if I could have a couple extra bags. No problem, right?

No problem at all, it turns out. I explained my need for extra bags to the cashier, and he immediately called to the back of the store to see if they had any boxes to give me (I didn't even ASK for boxes!). Unfortunately, they had just crushed them, but still. So instead, he told me to take as many bags as I needed. Like, the whole stack.

Let me back up here for a second, lest you think I am wasteful, and say that we use Trader Joe's brown paper bags a decent amount--especially for the newspaper recycling. I do try and bring my own bags to the grocery store, but when we're running low on bags for recycling, I am all about the TJ's brown bag.

So the cashier gave me an entire STACK of bags, which really came in handy packing up some of our belongings--due to our lack of boxes. And then those bags will in turn be recycled once we are done with them. And Trader Joe's, my friends, is the hero.

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