Weekly wrap up

Well, well, well. Ladies and gentlemen, I am VERY pleased to announce the return of CONSTRUCTION UPDATE to the WWU! That's right--today's wrap up is going to be pretty construction heavy, because , well, it was a construction heavy week.

Day 1: The roof is coming off.

End of Day 1: No roof--but plenty of rain, wind... and as a result: a tarp.

Day 2: Builder and co. hard at work. Love them!

Day 4: Walls!

Day 5: Walls! Floors! And a tarp just in case!

So not only did we have construction excitement (!!!!!!!), but there was a bit of publishing excitement as well: THE BEST OF BUSINESS CARD DESIGN 9 CAME. Dear readers, my work has been published in a book for the SECOND TIME THIS YEAR. Mari the Studio and Glow Gluten Free both are representin' in BoBCD9.

I think I might burst with all of the excitement.

In between excitement, I did do actual work. Lots of stock illustration research for a website I'm working on, and color development for a logo. I met with the super awesome color client today, and she was thrilled with her choices. The perfect way to end the week.

With more excitement.

This weekend I think I might have to tone it down; I'd love to go skiing--God, I love me some spring skiing--but I don't think that's in the cards. We'll see, she says, with a glimmer of--what's that? Oh right--excitement in her eye.

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