I heart you, Internet

OK, first let me say that the Internet? It's pretty awesome.

Why, you ask? Because ladies and gentlemen, I am stressed. Stressed to the max. Construction, work, lack of sleep... it's not a good combination. It's not a productive combination. It just downright sucks.

But the internet cheers me up almost instantly. OK, well maybe not the internet--but stuff on the internet. Take Ben Folds (who I think is awesome) and add ChatRoulette (which I think is kind of creepy) and you get 5 minutes of pure wait-what-just-happened-here? Then you watch it again, because, hello? Dude is on ChatRoulette while performing a concert (in Charlotte). Then you realize that the title of the video is Ode to Merton, and you're all who-the-heck-is-Merton? And come to find out it's a dude on his piano, who logs onto ChatRoulette and sings to people.

The Ben Folds version, for your viewing pleasure:

And that totally whacked-out scenario made me forget my stress for about 15 minutes. So thank you Ben Folds. Thank you Merton. And most of all, thank you Internet, for making this all possible.

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