Day of awesomeness, twitter and fame

Yesterday, I was famous.


I know, right? I'm still buzzing about it.

So here's the thing: a few weeks back, I made a new Twitter friend (yep, this is another Twitter post. Sorry, haters. Well, no. Not really). Meg Robustelli, of Fairfield County Child, started following me on Twitter, and liked what I had to say enough that she asked me to be her MomCrush of the month. What's a MomCrush, you ask?

I meet so many cool, inspirational moms here in Fairfield County. Every time I meet a woman who dreams big and puts words into action, I admit it, I develop a little girlcrush. I want to know everything about her and what lead to her success. So I decided to feature one mom a month (my Momcrush) on FCC so that I can spread the word about the cool things she's doing. She might be an entrepreneur, an athlete, an inventor or someone who donates ther valuable time to the less fortunate.

My answer was along the lines of, HELL YEAH! So yesterday my MomCrush post went live on Fairfield County Child, and now I'm sort of famous.

But wait. There's more.

Yesterday I also stumbled upon this super awesome mini film from Oliver Peoples eyewear. It was so adorable, I had to share. So I blogged about it, and then came up with some clever little tweet with a link back to my blog.


So, just to recap how totally AWESOME twitter is (and, let's face it, my day yesterday):

Woman with a thriving blog devoted to Fairfield County parents sees my tweets and features me on said blog--not only that but hello? She's got a crush on me.

AND Oliver Peoples exposed my blog to 1500 people that may or may not have ever seen it, because I liked their film enough to tweet the link to my blog, where I wrote about it.

Awe. Some. Ness.

Update: Oh, right. This wouldn't be a proper Twitter post without mentioning everyone's handles: Follow Fairfield County Child, Oliver Peoples, or yours truly.

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