Please stand by...

So you'll notice that last week there was no weekly wrap up. It you're really keen and paying attention, you'll notice there was no nothing on Friday.

After weeks of my computer acting all wonky and buggy, I finally called Mike the Mac Doc and had him come diagnose all the wonkiness and bugginess. Turns out, it was a hard drive issue; as in, I needed a new one.

24 hours and a trip to the Apple Store later, my computer came back, definitely less wonky and buggy, but still not 100% right. Reinstalling, reconfiguring, redoing... Wonky computers take up a lot of time; but once-wonky-now-fixed computers take up even more.

So, here I am, digging out from the mess of a messed up computer. Sorry for the lack of post, and hoping that my machine is finally on the mend...

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