Sketch it out

Originally, when going to college, I was going to be a bad-ass fine arts major. Cause that's what I did, I was an artist: I drew (a lot), and sometimes painted. I wore black. I wrote poetry and watched foreign films--because that's what artists did (right?).

Of course, I was all, forget THAT once somebody handed me a mouse (and keep in mind, we're going back a ways--this all took place when Photoshop 3.0 was out (yeah, it was rad. See below if you don't believe me). There was maybe 10 tools. Now there's stuff like this awesomeness. Nowadays I wish I had more time to draw--like really draw, draw--not just sketch something out. But I digress.

I do like to sketch things out--specifically logos (and a friend just recently recommended I sketch out websites before I design them, too. How did I not think of this on my own??!). Actually--especially in recent years--I won't even think about using a computer to design a logo until I've got a few pages worth of ideas down on paper, with pencil (pen, crayon... heck, sometimes it's marker on a napkin. Hey, I'm still an artist).

So it was with great interest and excitement that I stumbled upon Rohdesign's SXSWi sketchnotes:

Guys, you have to go check out his entire sketchbook from SXSWi--it's so awesome, so inspiring. There's notes, ideas, quotes, and--my personal favorite--fonts as shoes. Also? Guac and chips. Ladies and gentlemen, this cannot be argued with.

In all seriousness, this is so great; and in many ways, more effective than page after page of handwritten--or typed--notes.

Completely awesome, whether you're an artist or not.

(Thanks to the also-awesome Brandflakes for Breakfast for this one)

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