Yum, yum

Oh Pottery Barn... Why do you tempt me with such pretty things?

Last week I was window shopping with Marcy, and we came across this set of plates (which she confessed she already owns):

I love the graphic patterns--so pretty. AND the store we were in had them displayed with the prettiest jade plates. The black/white/jade combination was so striking. Yum, yum.

Then, I head on over to their website, and what is waiting for me on the homepage, but these beauties:

Cool baroque pattern, and they're orange? LOVE them.

Then, because I need new plates like I need a hole in the head (aside from the fact that I've just found 2 very different sets of plates that I love), I stumble across these:

It's like a gorgeous plate bonanza over at the PB! The only problem--for me, not them--is that each one of these sets requires me to buy all new place settings. I suppose the black and white would go with my eggplant/lavender scheme I've got going on now... but I bet they'd go even better with something new.


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Anonymous said...

PB is for shoppers what crack is for, well, crack addicts.