Your vote won't just get you a new president this year...

Got one of these?

When you vote on Tuesday, be sure to grab an "I voted!" sticker. Then head on down to Starbucks, and grab a free cup of coffee. After Starbucks, get yourself over to Krispy Kreme, where your sticker will get you a free star-shaped doughnut. And you don't need the sticker (but it's still a cool accessory) to get a free scoop over at Ben and Jerry's Tuesday night.

There are some regional specials, as well: a bar in Pensacola, FL is accepting "I voted" stickers as payment for a beer. Voters in Tulsa, OK who wear their sticker to a participating Chick-Fil-A in the area can use it as payment for their new Chick-n-Strips. I think the most bang for your vote can be found in Dallas, TX: your vote will get you the first session of tattoo removal free (and you don't even need the sticker as proof--they'll take your word).

I'm not sure of any CT area promotions like this, but I certainly don't need a free cup of coffee to motivate me to get to the voting booth this Tuesday. Actually, we vote at our kids' elementary school, where the 5th grade sponsors a bake sale each year to help fund their many activities. So my Tuesday sweets and treats will be purchased from there.

And please, don't forget to vote this Tuesday!

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Anonymous said...

lol - a new president and a bigger pair of pants!