I hung out at Elements today (well, not really hung out so much as work... but they're a fun bunch, so it's like hanging out while working), which meant that I had a tricky morning: shower, do hair, look somewhat presentable (read: no child slobber on sweater), load wee ones in car, vote, drop wee ones off at sitter's, and get thee up to New Haven. Fortunately, the time gods were way on my side, because I was able to get out of the house at 7:45 this morning--Mattio and I actually left together.

We vote at our kid's elementary school, which is right up the street, and just beat the crowd. We had to wait about 5 minutes, but on our way out, the line was beginning to snake around corners and down hallways. Also on the way out, I was able to pick up some delish chocolate covered pretzels and pumpkin bread, courtesy of the 5th grade bake sale. Yum, yum.

So... slobber-free sweater, check. Delicious snacks for 3pm munchies, check. Vote, check. And now...

We wait.

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ZoesMom said...

You know what they say...the waiting is the hardest part.