Blog love

There are some days, when I check out Analytics, and I think, man, who are all these people reading my blog? Do they really care about shoes, and pretty plates, and Crate and Barrel furniture? Then I check out the particulars and realize that they are all visiting the Shamwow post from ages ago.

But I know that I have a small handful of regular readers; and I give the love right back to the faithful by reading and commenting on their blogs, as well. Yesterday, I was playing blog catch up, and over at Becky's I was given an award! For loving my blog! And then Marcy followed suit! Awwww... you guys... Thanks!!

So, as the rules go, I am passing it on. The envelopes, please:

Becky: I wish I could be so eloquent and British (OK, I'll never be British. But eloquent! I can strive for eloquent!). Her posts are fiercely funny and god, just so well written. And the shoes. I can't forget about the shoes...

Marcy: Another shoe lover (and shopping pal). And mom of Zoƫ, who is only a year older than Madeline, so I feel at times we lead parallel lives. Hysterical, parallel lives.

Elements: I heart my friends at Elements. They have a keen eye for design, and at times, their blog is my daily dose of inspiration (as the description says).

Sara: I'm a little new to Sara's blog, but she's been reading and commenting on mine, so I went and gave her blog a look see. And I'm so glad that I did, because her thoughts on parenting and working and trying to get it all done are very funny (and very true)!

Michelle: I don't live anywhere close to Louisville, KY; but after reading Michelle's blog, I often wish I did. She's always talking about some great restaurant, or bar, or really cool happening. Sometimes I wish she would move up to CT and write Consuming Fairfield (because then I might have a clue about where it's at here in town, and as an added bonus I would get to see her more often).

Justin and Mary: Justin and Mary were one of my first clients; and I am so impressed with how their business has grown over the years! Although, it's really not a surprise, take a look at their photography yourself--it's mind-blowing awesome.

Trent: I have a little secret: I love me some celebrity gossip. I love it even more the way Trent pieces it all together: it's not malicious at all, and he sprinkles tidbits about what's going on in his life, coupled with updates on his favorite TV shows. A lot of times I feel like he's a pal, just updating me on what's going on... in the fabulous life of celebrities.

OK, bloggers, now you do your part (with the exception of Marcy and Becky, without their love this post would not be possible):

1) Add the logo of the award to your blog.
2) Add a link to the person who awarded it to you.
3) Nominate at least seven other blogs.
4) Add links to those blogs on your blog.

And thanks, too, to all the anonymous readers out there. I hope you're loving the blog, too!


Michelle said...

You're so terribly sweet. I'm glad you enjoy Consuming Louisville from a distance. And yes seeing each other more would be a very, very good thing.

Anonymous said...

LMAO about the shamwow - you have to check my blog post for today :)

Amy said...

We made #3 on the list! Okay, I'm a little late with my thank you ... I'm just now trying to play catch up with all my favorite blogs. xo right back to our Honorary Elementer, Tracie!

Amy said...

P.S. And thanks so much for adding us to the list ... you're the best!