Current addictions


* Post at least five current addictions (with some details, please).
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OK, here we go... my current addictions:

1. Shopping. I have to side with Marcy on this one... if there's one thing I'm obsessed with, it's shopping. Having just come off a major spree, it'll probably be a while before I spend again (well, that, and other reasons), but I'm happy just browsing, putting a list together for the next time. I like to shop for just about anything, although, like Marcy, I'm not big on the groceries. I love, love, love shopping for gifts for people, and of course, clothes and shoes--which brings me to my next obsession...

2. Shoes.If you've never met me, never read this blog, never talked to my husband and/or kids and mentioned shoes... than this is new to you. But anyone who's basically ever crossed my path knows that I adore shoes. I don't discriminate (too much), I love a sexy heel just as much as sneakers. I own a ton of shoes, they are stashed all over my house, and it definitely one thing I am definitely proud to be obsessed with (although my kids may think otherwise come time for college).

3. kate spade. I am such a girly girl, aren't I? Shopping, shoes, and now this. I am obsessed with kate because I think her designs are timeless. I have ks purses that are embarrassingly old, that I still happily carry around, and are still very much in style. A 10 year old ks purse, in my opinion, does not show it's age. She completely shrugs off trendy and goes for class, and that is why I'm obsessed.

4. Cape Cod potato chips and veggie dip. I can't. stop. eating this. I always keep some form of veggie dip in the house, as well as at least one bag of CC chips. One day, I was snacking on actual vegetables with my dip, and Mattio came out with the chips and tried it. My life hasn't been the same since, and I don't know whether to thank Mattio for that or not.

5. My new iMac. It's fast, it's big, and I love it. Coming from a 15" PowerBook, it'll take quite a while for the novelty of this new beast to wear off, which is just fine by me.

6. Loathing bananas. I am obsessed with bananas in the most negative way you can be. Hate isn't a strong enough word, that's how I feel about bananas. I can't stand the smell, seeing someone peel a banana makes me gag, and the thought of eating one makes me vomit. I am incredibly passionate in my hatred of this fruit. So maybe I'm a little weird, but I'm obsessed with loathing bananas.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks...now I want to shop online instead of work :)