Cool type, cool posters

I was doing some research for a cookie website today... and I came across these most awesome posters:

OK, first of all... I know. These have nothing to do with cookies. But listen, the internet is a big place, and sometimes a girl gets sidetracked. Especially when she comes across a creative use of type and maps, such as this.

According to the website, fellow graphic designer Jenny Beorkrem was searching for a poster of Chicago, and came up empty. So she did what any other poster-loving graphic designer would do: she designed her own. Thus, Ork Posters was born.

Brilliant, just brilliant.


ZoesMom said...

Seriously brilliant. I'd like to have one of those framed at my house.

sarawithnoh said...

Very cool...my CT born husband would love to have a solid reminder of the place I hijacked him from!!