Mmmmm, tasty...

I confess: I completely got lost in the internet tonight (I *was* planning on working. I started to, then--I'm not quite sure how--I got completely sidetracked. Completely). The bad thing about getting lost in the internet is that it uses up time that is oh-so-precious to me. The good thing? I find cool stuff like this:

These are actually wall decals, courtesy of Tasty Suite. I am completely in love with Big and Curvy Alphabet--that one will definitely be going up in my office (once I get a real one--stay tuned). I'm also loving the faux lamps, I might have to find a spot for some of those, as well.

So I think the lesson that I've learned is that every time I get lost on the internet, I find yet another way to spend money. I tell ya, if there was no such thing as online shopping, I might be a rich woman!

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