Sigh, spam

I came across this funny article on Spam today (the "food," not the unwanted email). There are a number of astonishing things:

--Residents of Hawaii eat an average of four cans of Spam per year. That's just insane. Four... really? There are 4 people in the entire state of Hawaii that actually eat this stuff?

--More than 60 million people in the U.S. eat Spam. Seriously? This stuff was a joke when I was growing up. People really eat this stuff? Really??

--The photo accompanying the article. First of all, the price: three bucks for a can of meat? Look a little closer: do you see Spam light (really? Spam light??), and, just when I though bacon was the most vile thing on the planet, I see that Spam makes bacon.

Mmmmmm, bacon, my husband would say (although I'm pretty positive he wouldn't be talking about the Spam variety).

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