Catching up

It's Friday! Yay! As it's the end of the week, and I haven't had a meaningful post in a while, I thought I'd catch you all up on the happenings here at traciedesigns headquarters (that is a snazzy word for my house, isn't it? I quite like that, actually!):

--Earlier this week I worked on some biz cards for my pal Jill over at Glow (I know she reads this--and I'm totally not saying this because she does--but man, her cookies rock! They're gluten free, and in the name of research, I've eaten my fair share of gluten free cookies. Her cookies totally blow the others out of the water. And if my kids like them (which they do), they have to be good!). Coming soon: Glow cookie packaging, which I am so psyched to share!

--Also worked on some logos: one for a firm I'm doing some freelance for, the other for Justin and Mary Marantz, who have to be, by far and away, the most patient people I know.

--Finished up and presented some web designs to family friend, family babysitter, author, and petsitter Sharon Martins. Her first book was recently published, about a cat named Murray, and the trouble he gets into. Check out the book here.

--Laid out a pdf brochure for Hospital for Special Surgery. Interesting fact: according to their graphic guidelines, the word "the" does not belong in front of Hospital for Special Surgery. It's not "the Hospital..." it's just "Hospital."

--Scanned and worked on some imagemaps for Marcy.

--Made some updates to the bodd website.

--Got some new work! Yay! The talented Christy Murray has hired me to redesign her logo. And since I'm loving the logo design lately, I am psyched!

Also, I have to mention: 2 weeks ago, Mattio was away for the week. He was due home father's day weekend, and seeing how he was going to be travel groggy upon his return, and it was father's day and all, I had someone come and mow the lawn. But not just any lawn service; I called up my new pal Dan Delventhal (interesting fact: he also works as an extra in movies shooting here in CT) who runs mowgreen.us. Dan came by and cut our grass--with a push mower. Yep, the only thing powering his lawnmower was his sweat. I have to give Dan a little link love, because the yard looked great--Mattio was relieved it was one less thing to do--and I love the cause. Thanks again, Dan!

Whew! Rereading this post, I didn't realize just how jammed packed my week was! I think this weekend I'm going to have to treat myself to a pedicure...

I kind of like this weekly wrap up feature... Let me know if you do, too; and maybe I'll keep it going. Enjoy the weekend, folks!

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ZoesMom said...

I dig the wrap up -- even if I am only getting to it halfway into the next week. I say keep it going. I may have to try that myself.