"...But can you make my logo BIGGER?"

Back in my agency days, I had quite a few clients who became backseat art directors; driving me batty with requests such as:

"There's not a lot going on here, it feels empty. Is there something we can add that will eat up all this white space?"

"I know my logo is light green, but just this once, can't we make it red?"

"What if we moved this over here, and added something else over there. Why don't you try that?"

I swallowed my pride (and kept my job) by fulfilling their requests, only so they could see that I don't have a kajillion dollars in art school student loans for no good reason.

So when my pal Troy passed this along today, I identified all too well. It's a little long, but anyone who's ever had a request to "make my logo bigger" will certainly appreciate it.

You can also check out the website here.

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