Baseball logos

The Toronto Blue Jays have piqued my interest.

There. I said it. Being a diehard Yankee fan, that's probably the one and only time I'll ever say anything like that.

But alas, this post isn't about baseball, it's about logos. Baseball team logos, if you will (seeing as how the Yankees have had the same logo since the 30s--how's that for some branding staying power??!--I couldn't really write about them).

The Toronto Blue Jays have actually gone through quite a few logo reincarnations as of late (4 in the last 8 years alone--that's some serious branding issues right there), and I thought it was interesting to look at. Check out the Blue Jays' website to see the whole timeline.

Also, a quick Google search led me to this site, where you can actually check out the logo timeline of almost any sport's team. That's some crazy free time, right there!

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