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More! New! Fun! Work!

A little background: When I was about 14 or 15, my family and I went on vacation to Myrtle Beach. As it's a popular family vacation destination, there were like, a million other families there as well. I met and hung out with some other kids my age, but this one girl stood out. That is how I met Michelle.

Michelle was from (and still lives in) Kentucky, and on that vacation, we had formed such a connection, that we decided right then and there that we would be friends for life. Now, it's easy to be "friends" with someone nowadays... you check into Facebook and see that all is right with the world, maybe send an email every now and again... but this, my friends, this was BEFORE THE MAGIC OF THE INTERNET. We wrote letters to each other. Letters that were decorated with lyrics to songs, and doodles in the margin, sometimes half a page, sometimes going on for 5 pages (front and back)--and man, we were faithful in sending them.

Over the years, we would fall in and out of touch, but the magic that is the internet brought us together again. We keep up with each other through Facebook and Twitter (we're both Twitter geeks--yay!), and if I'm lucky, Michelle might be headed up north this spring for a reunion (well, really for work--but we're not going to let the opportunity pass us by).

So, recently, when my friend asked me to design a logo for her Twitter meet-up, called Let Them Tweet Cake, how could I say no?

Let's go over all the awesome that was in this request:

1. Doing work for a friend

2. Who wants a logo about Twitter

3. And cake.

SOLD! From her initial email, I had so many ideas buzzing, I couldn't get them down on paper fast enough.

One of my early-on ideas was to do something that would look like a sticker from a bakery you might find on a cake box. Something a little retro-y, a little fun (OK, all of the logos are fun, but work with me here)...

How about some piped frosting on a cake?

Historically, Marie Antoinette never said "Let them eat cake" (fun fact I did not know. See, awesomeness #4: I learned something), however, a lot of people think she did say that--and plus I had so much fun working with this silhouette.

And finally, back to the bakery label. This time with some cupcake lovin'.

And the winner is...

Cupcake lovin'!

I know I just blabbed on and on last week about a project that was so much fun, and this too was no exception. Twitter, cake and, most importantly, friends... what more could you want?

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Adam said...

Ahhh, well the one they chose is pretty good. But the top, oval label would have been my favorite. Oh well.

Show us implimentation later?