Friday LOLs

Ok, people. Let's talk about Shake Weight.

For men.

I first saw this commercial last week--and thought surely it's a parody. Right? Because, COME ON.

Dude, the guys is all breathy, and uttering complete nonsense: "Whoooo. That's it."

Or how about the uber-testosterone laden announcer? "Grrrrr. Manly-man. Grrrrr. KICK. YOUR. BUTT."

Or all those guys (the toughest guys they could find!), who upon trying it, are all breathlessly, "Oh, man, Whew!"

Or that it's Science Fact--not fiction.

There is so much ridiculous here (cue the Rocky music), it's got to be a parody, right?

No friends, I'm afraid it's for real. But to see a marginally SFW parody, check out this SNL commercial: the Shake Weight DVD.

Yup, right up there with Pajama Jeans, there is now Shake Weight.

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