New work!

99.9% of the time, I love my job. The .1% I don't love is the paperwork, invoicing... all the non-design stuff (OK, my job is probably a lot more than .1% paperwork, but let's be real here: me, math? We're not friends. So let's just go with it).

So, I love my job. And every once in a while, a project comes a long that makes me love it that much more. A project that I just can't stop thinking about. A project that I have a million ideas for--and they're all good. A project that is much more play than work.

Ladies and gents, that was Stylesson.

Client Marcy approached me this fall with an idea for a design blog library, if you will. The name was Stylesson--but we weren't sure if the logo was going to be Stylesson-all-one-word, or Style Lesson. The LE overlapping made it nice--and gave me lots to play with--but maybe harder to read as style and lesson together. Hmmm... thinking caps on, people.

First up, I took my favorite font of the moment (look around, I LOVE this font) and cut the LE in half; so that half was the color of the word style, and half was the color of the word lesson.

Playing with fonts for this was so. much. fun. 99% of the time (OK, you get the idea...) I am a girly girl. A lot of my work comes across with a feminine touch. Sometimes I have to stop myself, and add a little masculinity to the mix, but not here. Not sure if the different colored LE is working for or against it, though...

Oh, but here. The thick and thin together? Sexy (amirite?)

Again, playing with contrasting fonts. The uber-thinness of the word stylesson is hugely complimented by the sexy curves and thickness of the icon. Plus, who doesn't love an icon?

A variation of the previous logo, with more sexy curves and contrast.

So, who won?

After playing around with a multitude of fonts for this logo, a tweaked version of Bodoni won. Add a kiss of hot pink... and oh, I'm in heaven.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the Stylesson blog-o-rooni!


Jessica said...

I love seeing your variations against the end result. Fun!

Cathy said...

So great to see two vastly talented people (that I know!) working together to create a stylish and fun design.
Another beautiful logo, Tracie.
Hope all is well with you.