Chair love

A few years ago, I found and immediately fell in LOVE with Phillippe Starck's Louis Ghost Chair. I mean, seriously, just look at this gorgeousness!

I know, I'll hold on while you guys finish drooling.

It's so simple, yet so beautiful. One of these days, when there are more appropriate funds in the Valentino bank account, I envision 6 Louis Ghost chairs around an antique farmhouse table in our dining room. And for us, "appropriate funds" coincides with "children graduating college" which means that it won't happen for quite some time. But, oh, a girl can dream.

In the meantime, Let's float on over to the Ghost Project:

Kartell Los Angeles wanted to know how The Ghost Chair effects the people and the spaces it inhabits... We’ve selected an eclectic group of interesting, talented and creative people in here in Los Angeles and we’re giving them a few days to spend with the Louis Ghost Chair.

Each contributor will provide a photograph of themselves in the chair, a photograph of the chair in their space as well as various photos of their space (either a studio, home or home/studio). They’ll each answer the same three questions about their thoughts on the design of chair and how it lives withing their space. After three days, we’ll pick up the chair and take it to the next contributor and so on.

I love this! I love how a piece of (beautifully designed) furniture can affect people. The first recipients of the chair were Alissa Walker & Keith Scharwath, an LA-based writer and artist, and I love how they made it part of their living room:

I can't wait to see what's next.


Becky said...

I love these chairs too. Now I want one. A hex on you, Valentino!

tracie valentino said...

They are so yummy, aren't they???

Cathy said...

These chairs never get old. Talk about timeless design!
You have great taste.