Weekly wrap up

Hey kids! It's time for the weekly wrap up... It was hot hot hot here this week--hope you all stayed cool!

--Our wonderfully fantastic architect, the super-awesome Mike Armstrong, of Design One, got back to us with preliminary sketches of our new addition on our house. All of the positive adjectives associated with his name should give you an idea of how happy I was with his work

--I worked on Christy Murray's new logo: I've got some great ideas down and a couple more I want to play around with. I found like, 18 different fonts I want to buy for this logo as well. So I guess I also tried to find a way to justify the purchase of 18 different fonts. For 1 logo. Sigh.

--I scanned and retouched some images for a project I'm working on for Marcy

--I got more new work! A friend of Mattio's contacted me about designing some websites for him

--I worked on a postcard design for One Kid

--I sent Jill over at Glow Gluten Free some business card designs

--But most importantly, Marcy and I had lunch today, and we started planning a shopping field trip up to Woodbury Commons--only *the* best outlet center in the world (having earned that title by having a Tory Burch outlet--Tory Burch!!)

Saturday I'm heading over to Marcy's, where I'm sure we'll talk more about our field trip. Also, she better show me the awesome Marc Jacobs shoes she bought this week. Sunday I'll be working most the day.

Enjoy the weekend!

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ZoesMom said...

We must set a date for our field trip ASAP. Can't wait for that!

It was great to see you guys this weekend. Hope the kids had fun.