Weekly wrap-up

Sigh, I love a short week.

It's the week after the short one that's the bitch.

This week was a bit slower than I anticipated. But I know next week will more than make up for it.

So what'd I do this week?

--Researched a new logo

--Made some revisions to another logo

--Met with a potential new client (it went well, and I'm really excited for it, so fingers crossed!)

--Finalized and presented some designs to a couple of different clients

--Went and saw the fireworks! I like fireworks, but I love watching the smoke images they make in the light that they create. Beautiful spindly flowers, wisped away by the breeze. I would have caught the moment on film, but...

The rest of the weekend will be spent cleaning up, relaxing and going to have the camera fixed. Yep--stupid lens went on the Nikon this weekend. I'm beyond bummed, because A) I was with my nieces today, and I love to take pics of all my girls; and B) rumor has it that the cost to fix the lens is approximately the same cost as buying a new one. Sigh.

Oh well, enjoy the weekend everyone! Happy 4th!

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