Project runway

Last night I managed to catch the last half hour of Project Runway--and it did not disappoint! When I watched Kelli's design come down the runway, I predicted that she was going to come out on top, because of her creativity and ingenuity.

I was also a big fan of Daniel's plastic cups. While almost everyone else went straight for the tablecloth (God, did you not just LOVE how Tim Gunn scolded the designers for all using a tablecloth??!), these two designers stood apart from the crowd and definitely made a big impression.

Oh, and how annoying is Blayne? I get that he's trying to be last season's winner, Christian; but holy cow, he is the opposite of fierce.


ZoesMom said...

I completely agree with you assessment. Kelli's creativity is amazing. I think Stella should have been the one to go home though. She basically gave up.

tracie valentino said...

I was not a big fan of Stella as well--and the whole "I'm going to be the first one out..." drama was so old. If she spent as much time on her outfit as she did complaining, she might've gotten further.

I think they kicked Jerry off because he actually *did* try--and he stunk. There was effort put into that horrible, horrible outfit! Whoever said it looked like American Psycho was dead-on.