Weekly wrap up

traciedesigns HQ was a-buzz this week! Lots of stuff to do, lots of stuff to report:

--I got new work! Yay! I am excited to begin redesigning a new website for the Greenwich Dance Studio. I had a really great meeting last week with Kate Truesdell, the owner, and I'm so psyched to be working with her!

--Researched and worked on some logo ideas for Christy Murray

--Developed the website for family friend and local author Sharon Martins

--Caught up with a couple of (different) old clients

--Worked on a "Monthly Favorites" e-newsletter with my pal Cyndy of art + interiors

--Finalized some designs for the HB Home website

--Got approval from Marcy for the imagemaps I'm working on

--Worked out a new method of obtaining information for my daughter's school directory (If you had any idea the headache that this used to involve... it was such a breakthrough, even though it's not official traciedesigns business, it warrants mentioning)

I also have to give a major, major mention to Camera Wholesalers, in Stamford. Last weekend, I went to take a picture of my kids, and all of the sudden, my camera just stopped working. I was incredibly bummed, as I love my camera (Nikon D40), and it wasn't all that cheap (OK, it's not a Lieca, but it's not a sissy point and shoot, either). Because of the holiday last week, I took it to Ritz Camera here in town for a quick diagnosis--according to the woman I spoke to, it was the lens. Since I bought the camera at Camera Wholesalers, I thought it'd be best to take it there for repair. Boy, was I glad I did! Apparently, the people that work there are magic, because all the guy had to do was take my (supposedly faulty) lens off, and put it back on (same thing the chick at Ritz Camera did). Voila--camera is in fine, working order. Thank you, magic guy at Camera Wholesalers... I never did make it to happy hour, though.

Tomorrow I plan on spending the better part of the day at the beach, relaxing. Hope you all enjoy your weekend!

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