What Not to Wear: traciedesigns edition

OK, let's face it: I've always been into art and fashion. At one time in my life--in grade school--these paths crossed, and I spent most of recess not running around like the other kids, but sitting outside with my back against the wall designing outfits. I had a whole composition book filled with them (God, I wish I had kept that!).

Of course, that phase didn't last much past the 5th grade. And while I'm not designing my own clothes, I still have a big interest in fashion--I think, for a work at home mom, I can be pretty stylish (if I do say so myself).

Well that thought lasted up until about yesterday at 2:00.

Because yesterday, I had a meeting with a potential new client--a fashion designer who is looking to get back into the biz--and let me tell you, yesterday, in my J. Crew cargo pants, what I thought was a great shirt, and what I thought were even better sparkly sandals (sidebar: I love me some sparkly shoes these days!), I have never felt less fashionable in my life.

Because remember Laura Bennett, from Project Runway? She may as well have opened the door to greet me the other day. Black symmetrical flow-y, awesome top, black leggings, black loafers that I could sell to put one of the kids through college. Thrown together fabulousness.

I, on the other hand, felt like a prime candidate for What Not to Wear: Work at Home mom edition.

Don't get me wrong, the potential new client said or did NOTHING to make me feel like that (well, except for being fabulous); and also, I am SUPER WAY EXCITED to work on this project because she showed me some sketches and fabric samples yesterday, and one word comes to mind: drool.

Definitely not work at home mom apparel. But definitely apparel that work at home moms can wear when they go out for a night on the town and want others--men and women alike--to drool over them.

So, note to self when meeting this woman again: less J. Crew, more Barneys. I wonder if this is becoming a write-off...


ZoesMom said...

You always look fabulous!

Becky said...

You should check out your photo shoot pics again to make you feel better, because you look fabulous in those. And also? You look great every time I see you.

tracie valentino said...

Thanks girls--right back at you both! I see a girl's night out in our future--the 3 of us just being + looking fabulous.

Cathy said...

Oh yeah! I would be going for the write-off. And you always look great-no worries.

ZoesMom said...

Let's get that fabulous girls night on the calendar!