I love lamp.

I'm going to have to warn you folks: traciedesigns is about to take a very sharp turn towards interior design for a while. See, renovations are humming along nicely (this week, they mentioned the P word: PAINT. As in, we're going to PAINT THESE PRETTY WALLS WE PUT UP. Do I sound excited about this? Just a tad).

Anywho. I am so very fortunate to be working with my awesomer-by-the-minute-friend Catherine Avery (of Avery Design Interiors) and she. is. the. bomb. This weekend, she actually assigned us homework--remember that show Trading Spaces? It was very Trading Spaces of her. Our assignment was to pick up samples of the colors for each room upstairs, and paint a big piece of posterboard, and hang it in the room to be painted that color.

Problem was, we didn't have any clue what color to paint our bedroom--because we had no bedding. I searched the internet. I searched Fairfield County high and low. And where did I finally end up finding out bedding? Homegoods. But--more importantly--what else did I find at Homegoods?


Readers, I think it's safe to say that I had a lamp-gasm right there in the middle of the store. Look at these lamps! Now granted, I'm not one for the printed shades... but slap another plain white one on there, and voila!

Seriously, I never thought I would quote Brick Tamland, like, ever; but I. Love. Lamp.

Oh, and Catherine's whole paint on the posterboard on the wall? Brills. We nixed a potential color for one of the girl's rooms, and lightened ours by a shade.

And our Homegoods comforter? The more I have it, the more I love it. I CAN'T WAIT to post pics of the real deal room all finished and put together.

In the meantime, I'll be over here drooling over lamps.

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Cathy said...

Did not expect to scroll down and see me on your blog. LOL!
Glad you loved the colors. Still have to pick the perfect lamps from your dream list. Working on the space plan and you just can't fit all of them. Sorry, I don't just add, I edit.
Thrilled to be working with you!