Field Trip!

One of the things I love to do when faced with free time (heh heh) in New York City is just to walk. There are so many great things out in the open, and yet so many hidden treasures.

Last night I found myself in the Village, with about 15 minutes to kill before meeting a client for dinner. So, I took a walk around the block (probably could have worn more sensible shoes... oh, who am I kidding? Do I even own sensible shoes??!), and here's some snapshots of what I came across:

How great is the iron type at the top of the gate? I love it's clearly handmade simplicity. I would live here, just based on that type (I pick a lot of things out based on type that I like, which is probably why it's a good thing that my partner in crime has some say in things like where we live. Because he would not base that decision on type).

St. Vincent's, all boarded up. This made me sad, but right at the end of the block was an elementary school, and I could hear the choir practicing as I walked by--which immediately cheered me up. I would have stayed to listen if it didn't make me look completely creepy.

I love this elephant + castle font. I don't particularly care for the illustration, but nice use of type. This was a bar, btw, and yes, I would totally go here.

This chair from Elizabeth Bauer was clearly made for a queen. My girls--queens themselves--would adore this.

Oh, Jonathan Adler. I couldn't love this desk any more, I don't think. But at a bazillion dollars, it's just a hair out of my price range.

I can't resist an orange window. Or orange accessories. Or Jonathan Adler, for that matter.

Folks, this was just a one-block radius of New York--can you even imagine what I could do in a day?? One of these days, I will find the time to take my camera into the city and just start walking.

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