Notes from an Intern

Hey readers, it's the intern here. Usually I like to send my messages either by voice, or by crayon--but hey, let's embrace new technology. Anyway, I've got to learn how to work a computer some time, right? Why not now?

Anywho. Since I've pretty much hijacked the studio, I figured why not take over the blog as well. I talked to Mommy--er, the boss--and she thought a day in the life of a traciedesigns intern blog post was a great idea, especially since she's pretty busy these days balancing something called "work" with entertaining me. Whatever "work" is...

We get to the office shortly after 8:30, and at this point I demand to watch a movie. Something by Pixar, preferably--they are THE BOMB when if comes to animation.

Some time mid-morning, we go out for what the boss calls "fresh air." I don't know what fresh air is, but it usually involves me getting pushed around in the stroller. I like to sing really loud; and usually singing loudly is frowned upon in the office--especially when the boss is on the phone. I can sing all I want in my stroller, so I really like fresh air.

11:30 is TEAM UMIZOOMI time! Team UmiZoomi is my favorite show these days. I prefer to watch it start to finish, with no interruptions. Seriously. Do NOT talk to me during Team UmiZoomi time.

After Team Umizoomi is lunch time--another favorite time of mine. After lunch, the boss says she does more of that "work" stuff while I nap. I still have no clue what work is, but I'm pretty glad I get to sleep through it.

When I wake up from my nap, usually my sisters--the other interns--are home. At this point, the boss gives me some sort of intern-related task, like play Barbies (which I am all to happy to do). The other interns are doing something called "homework"--again with the work word!

Anywho. That's what a day as an intern in the traciedesigns office is like. Not too bad of a life, if you ask me (except for the whole singing thing. There DEFINITELY needs to be more loud singing in that office).

xoxo, the intern

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Cathy said...

Dear Intern,

Loved your guest blog and agree that there should definitely be more loud singing in the office. Your boss will have my head. LOL!