Oh what a night, is right!

Wednesday night was kind of surreal for me: I took our oldest and her friend (who are occasional readers--Hi girls! I'm blogging about you!) to see Fall Out Boy (and about 5 opening acts). I like Fall Out Boy--they put on a really great show, and I had a good time--but it was hard for me to make the transition from concert attendee to chaperone of the concert attendees. Now I know how my friend's father felt when he took us to see Depeche Mode.

But Wednesday night was also the night that Patrick Coyne, of Communication Arts, was going to be speaking at a Connecticut AIGA event. And since I haven't perfected being in 2 places at the same time (although I am getting close!), I had to miss it. Bummer, too; as I hear it was a great presentation. From my pal Amy, of Elements fame:

It was illuminating to learn of the sheer volume of work CA receives, organizes and reviews. Out of the hundreds of thousands of submissions, there is such a small percentage of work that actually appears in their publication - only 2% of design competition entries make the cut! Patrick explained the status of inclusion into CA the best when he said - and I'm paraphrasing here - "If you are a musician, you know you have arrived if you appear on the cover of Rolling Stone. If you are a designer, it is when your work appears in Communication Arts."

I can't. even. imagine.

Read about the rest of this amazing event over at Hello, Elements. And when you stop by, tell them I said hi!


Chelsea said...

Hey Tracie!

Thanks for the shout out - Elements and AIGA | CT both appreciate the mention. You, as a regular AIGA | CT event attendee, were missed.

Amy said...

We missed you dearly, Tracie. Thanks for the props! Mutual love happening. Peace. Amy

tracie valentino said...

Awww, thanks guys--you rock!