The greatest place ever...

...The most expensive ever, too.

Saturday we trekked on down to the Bronx, to see the Yankees play (and eventually get beat by--BOOOOOO) the Angels. It was our first trip to the new stadium, and it was Madeline's first game ever, so it was a very exciting day.

Walking into the stadium...

The "Great Hall" (view from a balcony, actually looking down on it)

Hey look! There's Derek Jeter!

Once we got settled, we got some food. While the prices are pretty outrageous (but on par for any major league stadium), the thing that got me was the calories listed next to each item. Ummm... 800 calories for onion rings? I'll pass. I wonder how much--if at all--this effects the sale of food.

First pitch:

Jeter at bat, right before he got hit by the pitch:

And finally, the Yankees (and their fans) recycle! And compost! I peered into a compost bin before we left the stadium at the end of the game, and it was pretty full. See that? Yankee fans ARE the best!

Even though the Yanks lost, we had a great day. The sun came out for the game, the new stadium was incredible, fun was had by all. I'm pretty bummed that ticket prices are so expensive--it was a Saturday game, and the stadium was probably about 80% full. It'll probably be one of the few--if only--games we get to this year. But definitely a good time.


Chelsea said...

I love your blog...but I do not love the Yankees. :-/

tracie valentino said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah... I know all about your baseball ways over at Elements (The team who shall not be named is like Voldemort over here :)