The Design Disease

Print Magazine tweeted a link to The Design Disease yesterday, and it totally made me laugh.

It seems to me that if you're a designer, a proper designer not someone who learnt Photoshop in between phone calls, then design runs through your veins like Pantone 7418. But more than that, it's there in every aspect of life. You can't stop looking at things through your designer eyes. Everything you do is clouded by this thing that lives inside you.

The post goes on to show a day in the life of a designer, through pictures. As in, you're out and about, and came across this parking garage sign:

and it would annoy you, really annoy you, that it wasn't quite centred and it wasn't quite justified and it wasn't left aligned and it wasn't right aligned. You see sometimes the disease will stop you enjoying things...

(Yes. Yes it would.)

Then you'd see this:

...and wonder how on earth that can be allowed to happened. Who would space type like that?

(Seriously. Why is this out for public viewing?)

The entire post is very, very funny--and very, very true (at least for me!)


Kara Kane said...

I had to close my browser quickly, as that first picture hurt my eyes. .

tracie valentino said...

I had a hard time posting these... but in the end, I decided it was for the greater good. Anything I can do to make people more aware of this disease... :)