Dear American...

...Your website stinks!

My friend Marcy tweeted this link to Dustin Curtis's website yesterday, and I think it's pretty genius:

Dear American Airlines,

I redesigned your website's front page, and I'd like to get your opinion.

I’m a user interface designer. I travel sometimes. Recently, I had the horrific displeasure of booking a flight on your website, aa.com. The experience was so bad that I vowed never to fly your airline again. But before we part ways, I have a couple questions and three suggestions for you.

How did this happen? If I was running a company with the distinction and history of American Airlines, I would be embarrassed -- no ashamed -- to have a website with a customer experience as terrible as the one you have now. How does your CEO, Gerard J. Arpey, justify treating customers this way? Why does your board of directors approve of this? Your website is abusive to your customers, it is limiting your revenue possibilities, and it is permanently destroying the brand and image of your company in the mind of every visitor.

Dustin then goes on to show the current home page (view it here--blech, I know), and his suggested redesign.

What a great way to grab a company's attention! Not to mention market yourself as well. Brilliant, all around!

(Thanks Marcy!)


Chelsea said...

I agree that the current site is pretty bad...and I like the proposed look...


I don't think Mr. Curtis should be expecting a call from American Airlines anytime soon requesting his services, given the insulting tone of his note to a (potentially) potential client. Oof!

tracie valentino said...

You're right, I don't think AA will be knocking down his door--but I think he's going in the right direction by calling them on their awful customer service and poorly designed site, and pointing them in a much better direction. If it gets their attention, great; but even better is that the Twitter-verse is talking (tweeting? :) about him.

ZoesMom said...

Anytime! I think it was an excellent re-design and I share his hate for the current AA site.