OK, I have to confess: you know that stupid saying? About the shoemaker's kids having the worst shoes? Well, that applies to me sometimes (OK, bad analogy, I know. Cause I totally don't have the worst shoes).

I mean that I don't always have the time to make my own stuff pretty, because I'm too busy doing it for other people (but I'm not complaining!). So for the past few years, I've had business cards--nice, pretty business cards--but they weren't fancy schmancy professionally printed cards, they were digitally output and, quite frankly, the less than stellar printing quality showed (to the trained eye, at least).

So a few weeks ago, I was at Baker Graphics in Westport, picking up some invitations I designed, when the owner approached me. Long story short, we got to talking, and I gave her one of my cards, which just happened to say, "because her favorite color isn't orange, it's Pantone 167."

Well. It just so happened that they were printing business cards the next week, with Pantone 166. On top of that, the cards were the same off-size that mine were. Would I be interested in ganging up and getting some cards printed?

Does the shoemaker's kid have bad shoes?

So yesterday, I picked up my brand new, fancy schmancy, professionally printed cards. And let me tell you, it was like Christmas. I walked out of the printer's, and wanted to hand my card out to every person I came across.

Oh, and my new favorite color is Pantone 166--which is still orange, just a shade darker.

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