Your logo cost you HOW much??!

I swear, I ought to go work in Britain; they pay a ridiculous amount of money for logos over there. First, the London Olympics logo (cost: £400,000). And, by the way, it's a bad logo.

Today, in doing some research for another logo I'm working on, I came across this article on the Southampton University logo controversy. Not only have they paid upwards of £360,000 (about $705,132 American dollars--apparently this figure includes replacing signage, stationery, etc. But still!), but now the university is talking about cutting jobs to get itself out of debt. Ummmm... is this not making sense to anyone else out there?

The logos, as seen below (the top is the new logo, by the way), aren't even anything to write home about. I mean, the dolphin one looks dated, but the new one... well, it certainly doesn't look like a logo worth over a half million bucks. And in the face of layoffs? That's just silly. I'm sure there are plenty of other logo designers out there that could have delivered something just as good--if not better--for far less of a price tag. Um, me, for starters!

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