stationery show!

So last week I went to the stationery show in NYC. I know, I should have posted this sooner, but it's been a pretty hectic week, capped off by the long weekend, and, well... Ah, I know, excuses, excuses.

Anyway, here I am, back to blog about my stationery show experience. If you're just tuning in, I'm trying my hand at branching out into custom event invitations. I'd love to specialize in letterpress. So a few months ago I figured I'd get my feet wet and go to the stationery show and see what's out there, and maybe meet some vendors.

First, the show itself was so cool--IF you're a stationery buyer. Which I am not. And it said so on the nifty little name tag they gave me, that got me in the show. So people immediately looked at it, saw I wasn't someone who was going to make them money, and stopped being interested. Really.

There was so much beautiful design. Stuff I would love to have the time to think up and do (originally, the plan was to launch my own stationery line, but that seemed like a big jump into who knows what. Custom invitations seemed more like baby steps). Of course, with the good comes the bad (hello, 80's mirror display? 1985 called and wants you back). But there was a lot of small independent little card companies with some pretty gorgeous stuff.

Then, at 1:00, the doors to the vendor side of things opened. I figured this would go much better for me, since that's what I was looking for. I figured wrong.

Don't get me wrong, the 10 vendors that were there were very helpful. It's just there weren't many of them, and none of them did letterpress printing. But they all knew someone who did.

All in all, it was nice to take some time off (sort of, I was tethered to my Palm all day long) and devote it to growing my business--something I don't get to do often. Would I go back? Probably not next year, but maybe in the future, depending on how custom invitations do...

In the meantime, once I get my stuff together, be on the lookout for tracieinvites!

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