Whatever, paper cutter

Sometimes I have to comp things up for clients and sometimes I might be a big baby about it. Cutting out 1 or 2 business cards is fine, but 5 different stationery suites? Ugh. I usually cut myself; and heaven forbid there's any spray adhesive involved--I'm sticky for like, a week. I swear it's like I'm a kindergartener; except that kindergartners probably handle x-acto knives better.

So it is with great awe that I watched this video, depicting the re-creation of Beck's new album cover (lettered by the fab Jessica Hische) in paper art. Like, this person is CUTTING and CURLING all those little pieces of paper. And if that's not enough, they then glue them in specific places to mimic the album cover design.


I need to hire this person, stat.

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