I'm back. For reals.

The past few weeks I've had thoughts and ideas that make great blog posts bubbling to the surface, but no time to get them written down. The 5 or so months before that, I was just lazy. And busy. But mostly lazy.


One of the thing that kept me more busy/less lazy the past few months was a super fun new project: Caliber Collection. I had done some work a few years ago for a Greenwich, CT-based jewelry designer, and she called me up over the summer with an exciting new project.

When I got to her house for our kickoff meeting, the only thing I knew was that I was there to help with the aforementioned exciting new project. After quickly catching up, she showed me... a box of guns, and another box of bullet casings. Ummmmm... OK.

The project was Caliber Collection: the guns and bullet casings were from Newark, NJ. They had been processed as evidence and the case had been closed on them. At this point, they were just taking up space. Enter my client, who'd like to melt them down into bracelets, sell them, and donate a portion of the proceeds to Newark's gun buy back program. She had Cory Booker, super cool mayor on her side, and since the launch in late November, she's sold so many bracelets that she was able to donate $20,000 back to the city of Newark. So cool!

Here's the final logo:

And the logo for 250, the first 250 pieces from the collection:

Here's my mockup for the packaging: manilla "evidence" envelopes, with stickers that can be checked off for "suspect" size, and "weapon" of choice; as well as a rubber-stamped logo:

And here's the real deal:

"Evidence" tags were affixed to each bracelet, mimicking the envelope labels:

The back of the envelope:

And finally, the bracelets themselves:

I am so super proud of having worked on this--it was a blast to design, and it's so awesome to follow all of the press and attention it's getting. It's pretty awesome when your friends are texting you to tell you that Cory Booker is on Rachel Maddow, talking about a project you helped make come to life!

Here's Jessica, the woman behind it all, presenting Cory Booker a check for $20,000. 

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