Everything Ipsum

Way back in 2011, the internet seemed like it was a flutter over "ipsum" websites (for those who don't know, Lorem Ipsum is placeholder text in a layout [It's Latin, and doesn't really make much sense]). There were sites like Gangsta Ipsum and--Mattio's favorite--Bacon Ipsum--basically nonsensical gangster and bacon gibberish that could be used in lieu of regular, boring, plain Lorem Ipsum.

Mattio and I had a brilliant idea of making all kinds of Ipsums: shoe ipsums, beer ipsums, you name it; and host them all on one website called Everything Ipsum--basically choose your own Ipsum (OK, how many more times can I say Ipsum in that sentence??). And way back in 2011, I must have had hella free time on my hands, because I even designed a logo:

Unfortunately, the hella free time didn't last long, because aside from a logo, not much else got done. But still, cool idea, right?

Right it is, because somebody else has gone and done all of the hard work and cataloged all of the Ipsum websites for us!

It's not Everything Ipsum, it's Choose Your Ipsum. And internet, you don't ever let me down. Romney Ipsum (which is spectacularly hilarious)? Bluth Ipsum? DOWNTON IPSUM??? Awesome, awesome, awesome. 

Going forward, clients, you might want to take note of placeholder text. You never know when I'll be slipping some Samuel L. Ipsum in there.

(I mean, really. Samuel L. Ipsum? So mother f*cking funny, as he might say).

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