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The other day, I blogged about Caliber Collection, a project I was fortunate enough to work on. They've been getting CAR-RAZY amounts of press lately (yay!), and I think the ultimate was Newark mayor Cory Booker presenting Rachel Maddow with 2 bracelets on her show:

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YOU GUYS. I can't even explain to you how excited I am about this. First of all, Cory Booker is like, holding packaging that I designed. AND THEN HE GAVE IT TO RACHEL MADDOW. And then, she held up the bracelet... with the tag dangling just so... and the super cool tag that I designed... was backwards, and not shown on national television.

Ah, well. It's been a super great week for Caliber and I couldn't be happier for them. Tag, or no tag.


Seen + noted this week:

Old(ish) news: The White House officially denied a petition to build a Death Star.

Not to be outdone, the Galactic Empire then responded back (Some might say the Empire Strikes Back. Heh heh).

Warby Parker released their 2012 annual report, and it's a treat to look at (and read).

This made me giggle: 20 of the Most Ridiculous Job Titles in History (The guy who's a Bear Biologist and Paper Folder makes me curious).

This note--taped up in a university bathroom stall--is beautiful.

Finally, here's a super cute Instagram pic of my dog, who (clearly) likes to sleep in weird positions. Yes, she is sleeping with her front paw straight out in front of her, way up off the ground. Someone told me that dogs who sleep all weird like this are happy dogs. Mine must be thrilled.

Happy weekend!

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