Oh, how I heart you, Trader Joe's

I love me some Trader Joe's. It's a little strange--I know--to feel this way about a grocery store, but I just can't help it. I started shopping there when it was dirt cheap (like, 69¢ for a pound of pasta cheap). It still is less expensive than the big chain groceries, but the prices have noticeably gone up. But I keep going back, because, well--they rock. Their customer service is awesome (They laughed and joked about me breaking the door a few weeks back--when they could have been really pissed), the food is delish, and best of all, I'm in and out with 2 weeks worth of groceries in under a half hour (take that, Stop and Shop!).

I must have tweeted about TJ's a few weeks back, because now they're following me on Twitter. So, because I like Trader Joes, I started following them. I can't decide if this is a mistake or not, because they're always tweeting about food. Like I need to hear how great the Wasabi Wow snack mix is at 11:30, while my stomach is rumbling.

But today? Today came the gem of all gems: somebody out there made a TJ's commercial. On their Treo. So yes, the production quality is... well, it sucks. But the commercial is brilliant.

I highly recommend viewing the longer commercial. But be warned: I've been whistling that song all afternoon now.

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