Dear Adobe...

In case you haven't been paying attention all this time, I am a graphic designer (shocking, I know; what with all the shoe and shopping and shoe shopping references). So my livelyhood depends on a few things: Apple Computers (Feel better, Steve Jobs!) and Adobe software. I have unconditional love for the former--in my eyes, Apple can do no wrong (OK, so the hockey puck mouse wasn't such a good idea. But it's a mere hiccup in the Apple timeline, as far as I'm concerned). The latter? Let's just call it a love/hate relationship.

99.9% of what I do depends on Adobe software. And sometimes Adobe software just. doesn't. do. what. I. want. it. to. dammit. Don't get me wrong--Adobe products have gotten their share of love from me... but they're also heard the truck driver/pirate side of me; the one that spews expletives thinking that a couple of swears strung together will get Dreamweaver to do what I want it to (hint: it never, ever works).

So when I found Dear Adobe (thanks, Fathom!), I felt like finally! And whew! (it's not just me!) Some actual gripes:

Dear Adobe, why doesn't Illustrator have a history palette?

Dear Adobe, please ditch this application [Premiere], you are confusing potential Final Cut Pro users from being productive and having spare time to see their children.

Dear Adobe (this one's a favorite), Do you ever get useful comments from people when you ask them to submit a crash report? And, do you ever actually read them??

Dear Adobe, now I can go on loving you... for now.