Nothing super about this bowl

I am soooooo not a football fan. There are far too many rules, too many players, too many positions, the whole offense/defense thing, ways to score, points system... the whole thing confuses me beyond belief. And every time (usually towards the end of the season) I think I'm getting it, I'm introduced to some new inane rule that exists purely to confuse the life out of me.

And, what's up with that whole time system? How is it, that in the world of football, 2 minutes is actually 15?

I will, however, watch the Super Bowl this Sunday--if only for the commercials. Well, that, and The Office is on directly after. Well, that, and the food. Super Bowl food usually rocks. Other than that, my interest in the Super Bowl lays more with the logo designed for this year's game, than the game itself.

The Times has an interesting piece on the history of Super Bowl logo design, as well as a slideshow of alternative logos (my fave is Pentagram's simplicity. Nice. Actually, it totally threw Mattio for a loop when he saw it: "THAT'S the Super Bowl logo?? It's so different!"). And go here to check out the evolution of the Super Bowl logo.

So enjoy the game on Sunday... I will be, if only for the fact that I know football won't be on for another 6 months after that.

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sarawithnoh said...

This sounds just like me. I actually dropped out of cheerleading my senior year in high school because I was afraid they would make me captain. And for 3 years I never paid attention to what was going on. I'm a deer in the headlights when it comes to football.