Not so new office, not so great floors, and the intern

So today I was going to blog about my new office. I was going to tell you guys all about how I was finally going to have a space of my own, maybe even post a few pictures.

So notice in the above sentence I used past tense: I WAS going to blog about my new office.

Unfortunately, there was a miscommunication; and our floors--well, they didn't turn out as expected. So here I sit, at my desk in the temporary digs, still waiting on my office. The good news is that the painters are there today, painting it all up nicey-nice. The bad news is that whole floor thing.

Hopefully it will be fixed soon, because all week long, I have an intern all excited to go and help me move. OK, she probably won't be much help, but she'll certainly make it more fun.


Kerry said...

Tracie, make sure that when the floor guys come back to re-sand that they don't ding up those freshly painted walls. Been there, done that.

tracie valentino said...

They actually didn't paint the trim yet, so the painters have to come back anyway. But--shudder--I don't even want to think about *dings* in the new sheetrock!! Ugh!