From the intern

What up traciedesigns readers??!

It's the intern here. Checking out what my paren--ahem, bosses--mean when they talk about "blogging." I still don't get it, but Momm--er, the bosslady--tells me to keep typing. Like I don't do enough around here.

So what exactly have I been doing all week? Well, lucky for you, I kept a photo diary of a day in the life of the intern. Read on...

We start out with the best intentions; working of course:

But it's much more fun to just press all the keys on the keyboard and play around with the mouse (Of course, it totally helps throw the boss off of any suspicious activity if you look real cute and smile. Like, A LOT):

After all that exhausting work, I need to relax a bit:

Since we're on a whole technology "theme" at the office, it's super fun to play Robot. How do you play? You just throw a shopping bag over your head and talk in a monotone voice. I made this game up. I know, I am SO ahead of my time.

All this playing wears me out though. I hear much work gets done while I'm napping; but for all I know, the boss is sleeping, too.

PLAYTIME! Nothing sparks my creativity like the swings.

Finally, lots of days at traciedesigns end with ice cream. Today was one of them.

As I am known to say: "Yummy, yummy in my tummy."

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