How I (almost) got an iPhone for Father's Day

See the phone on the right? That's been my phone screen since about 1:00 this afternoon. According to the people at Sprint, not only is it completely unfixable, but they can't even get any--ANY--information out of the phone. This is, as Ashlee would say, an epic fail.

As a result, I spent quite a bit of my day at various Sprint stores, and on the phone with various Sprint reps. Very long story short? Our contract isn't up until the end of November (155 days left; believe me, every one will be counted), and it would cost an obscene amount of money to A) Buy a new phone (even the cheap, crappy ones are almost $200); and B) walk out on the contract, switch to AT&T, and get the new iPhone. So, we wait.

In the meantime, you can giggle to yourself every time you call me; I'll be answering with that bad boy up on the left. It's practically a collector's item, what with the old Sprint logo and all. Miraculously, we found the charger (keep in mind that most days I can't find my keys, yet we've managed to keep track of a 5+ year old phone charger that hasn't been used in years) and charged it up--it's all set to go. Yipee, I think.

155 more days... 155 more days...


Becky said...

The battery on my cell phone is slowly going, and I think I have about a year to run on my AT&T contract. Hopefully, during that year, the iPhone will be available from other providers, and someone other than AT&T will provide coverage in Easton! And then I'm definitely getting an iPhone.

tracie valentino said...

That's very funny, because we checked out that AT&T coverage map Saturday, and Mattio's almost exact words were, "You should be OK coverage-wise, as long as you stay out of Easton."

We've had a good run with Sprint, the coverage is my only worry with AT&T. I hope they license the iPhone through other providers soon, too!