If the shoe fits...

Now we all know that I love me some shoes. But I loathe (loathe, loathe, loathe!) shoeboxes. I don't have the space to store my shoes in the boxes they come in; so because I have major environmental guilt, I have turned our cellar into a shoebox land fill--until we actually needed the space. But Puma? Puma wants to see my cellar (and, alright, the rest of the world) freed from shoeboxes:

The bag uses 65% less cardboard than the typical shoebox. Created out of non-woven mesh, the recyclable material requires less work and creates less waste. It has no laminated printing and no tissue paper, it takes up less space than boxes and also weighs less when shipping. It can also can serve as a replacement to the retail bag. According to fuseproject, all of this will result in Puma's reduction in water, energy and diesel consumption from manufacturing by more than 60% a year.

Love it. Shoe companies? Are you listening?

(via Creativity)

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