I really am alive. No, for real.

Let me tell you, taking just about a week off to lay around and watch soap operas all day can really take a toll on a girl's business, nevermind her blog.

So as seen by my post THIRTEEN DAYS AGO, I did not exactly take an almost week off to watch soap operas. I was forced to take an almost week off due to an ugly case of strep throat; the soaps were just something to distract me from feeling like total crap (it did not work).

Upon feeling better, I had quite the backup of work. So apologies again, dear readers (if there are even any of you left) for the lack of updates, but my goodness, April has not been good to me thus far.

I am digging myself out of the strep hole quite nicely, thankyouverymuch, but it has definitely taken longer than expected. But I hope to be back up and running at full speed by next week at the latest.

So please stay tuned, I promise all sorts of Tracie and design and traciedesigns goodness to come next week.

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