Staying in character

I love Will Ferrell. I like his humor, but what always gets me--every single time--is his ability to stay in character.

Over the weekend, Mattio and I celebrated his birthday a little late (and stimulated the economy) with a trip to the city to check out Will Ferrell's new show, "You're Welcome, America: A Final Night with George W. Bush." It was probably one of the funniest things I've seen lately--not only was it well written, but Will Ferrell is brilliant. He never breaks character--not even when interacting with the audience.

A few things:

--Yes, there is full frontal male nudity (which I applaud, only because the ratio of female nudity to male is like, a bazillion to one. Not that I want to see it or anything. Just trying to even things out a little). Actually, it works, in this instance.

--The Condi Rice lapdance? Yeah, it's funny. Alright, it's pretty hysterical. But there's a million hysterical things about this show so it didn't stand out all that much to me.

--Will Ferrell's brother plays the secret service agent. He also played one of the security guards in Elf. I would have never made the connection had I not read this fact in Playbill.

If you are a fan of Will Ferrell, but not of GWB, I highly recommend checking it out (if you can--pretty ironic that Will Ferrell as GWB is stimulating the Broadway economy these days). If not, check out a live showing on HBO March 14th, the night before closing. I think I might just have to get HBO again, if only just for that one night.


Chelsea said...

Sold out! All the dates!

Good thing my boyfriend has HBO!

sarawithnoh said...

I think HBO might see a bump in registrations for service in March. I would LOVE to see that!!